Blood for God?

Again, more than a hundred people were killed by some people who believed that their action was blessed by their "god". I cannot, and I think I will never, understand why they could do this dirty thing. What makes me sad is that there are some people think that this was a kind of heroic mission and those killers were fighting for God.

When I read some comments on the internet, some people argued that The US is the one that should be blamed for this tragedy since that country started this global war. some other people said that the US was the real terrorist and the group of Mumbai was the holy warrior of God.

Well, I cannot blame them for those opinions since their environment influences their way of thinking but I obviously disagree if we are allowed to kill other people in the name of God.

Although I do not think that a religion is the most important thing in my life anymore, I still do believe that God exists and He wants us to love each other, at least this is what I've learned about God. And if God really allows His creations to destroy each other, I prefer not to believe in Him anymore.

So people, if you are bloodthirsty people and willing to see innocent people killed only to pleasure your devil soul, please do not use our God for the reason. There are so many reasons but Him, just say it; money, power, human ego or whatever you like. I believe that if we really love Him, there will be no more tragedy like this.


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